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Fighting to decrease child mortality rate


Education the Key

Education is the key to a brighter future for the less previledged


Forging Careers in Music

Training and developing young talent for a brighter future



Fit and focussed one way to keep healthy and entertained other than just talent development



About Us

CERAO “Centre of Empowerment of Refugees, Aids Victims and Orphans” is an independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that works to strengthen support for marginalized groups and quality education in the states of the East and Great Lakes Region by providing humanitarian assistance and investing effort in rural development by networking with international organizations.

Become a Sponsor
Become a Sponsor
Your decision to sponsor this organisation will be the one decision that will cause a family from a pigmy tribe to get shelter, a refugee to have food, treatment women and children in the IDP camps
Become A Volunteer
Become A Volunteer
If you are out there with a heart for people, a student from the university looking for industrial training, or you just want to show some love these people so close to our hearts. our arms and doors are wide open to receive you. Come show some support to our cause. come and volunteer with us

The Man behind CERAO

The man Pinos Edmond Kyahi, Founder & Chairman an apostle/ Pastor who is a passionate child right defender with a heart for people especially women and children from war raveged areas and people such as the pygmie tribe, far from the current civillisation. Your donation will make a huge difference in these peoples lives.


Featured Causes

Here below are some of the causes on our list that demand urgent attention kindly take time
to go through them one by one any decision to sponsor or give a donation to any of these causes (items) is highly appreciated.

The organisation is constantly looking for sources of support to enable it to buy food for these little ones.

In some parts of Congo and northern Uganda one cannot help but worry and be filled with disgust at the inhumane way these little ones are being treated.

With so much instability in homes and the region especially in this part of the world, the future of family is bleak.

Become a Volunteer

Join us, save a life
Phone: +256 786 032 841

Entebbe Road

Najjanankumbi, Opposite FDC-HQ/Pot House
Lubaga division, Kampala City, Central Province, Uganda

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